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Why team development is important

Team development training and workshops are important because they provide employees with opportunities to reflect on performance, develop effective communication, outline common goals, and define roles. By increasing trust, confidence, and bonds between team members, this type of training can also improve team morale and climate – a pivotal factor for all Australian workforces. When done correctly, team development workshops can:

What can a team development workshop involve?

Each organisation is different, which is why we always design the workshop to your unique requirements. In general, a typical team development session would involve:

Who is it for

We recommend team development workshops for any organisation and individuals.

Teams in the Organisation

Teams range from different sizes at different levels of the business. Some teams work in proximal frontline environments, whilst some teams work in more distributed and closed-off environments. Regardless of this, the primary objective of a team is to work together towards a shared goal. Therefore, team development training is beneficial to any type of team for any organisation aiming to improve its goal setting capabilities, outcomes and performance. Some industries require more dynamic, critical, and adaptive team processes and may find increased benefits out of such training. Such industries include:


Team development training can also have a focus on different levels and roles within your organisation. Various groups of individuals can be trained, producing different benefits:

About Performance Science

Based in Perth, Performance Science  provides on-site and off-site team development training across multiple industries including oil and gas, mining, first responders, defence, government, and health care. As a team of psychologists, our workshops are backed by psychological research and best practice.

Why Choose Us


As a team of psychologists, we specialise in organisational psychology and mental health, and therefore, all of our training modules and delivery methods are underpinned by best practice methods and evidence-based research. We translate this research into innovative and practical workshops for your organisation. We then evaluate our own work to assess the impact it has made.

Tailored to your organisation

We work collaboratively with organisations to identify what issues and concerns they would like to address. With this in mind, we tailor our workshops to suit the needs of your current concerns and add value to your organisational objectives. We focus on solutions and skills and not products.


Getting organisations to strive to their best is one of our core values. We believe that high functioning teams are one of the cornerstones of any organisation wanting to strive to meet their maximum potential. These values drive us to provide team workshops that not only educative and informative, but also build capabilities, increase motivation, and improve overall team effectiveness.

Topics we cover

Topics and what you can learn range from:

What's included:

All our workshops include:

We can deliver your team development workshop in an online, offline, or mixed-mode setting. 

Workshop length

Our workshops range from 1-hour seminars through to 2-day sessions. We liaise with you beforehand to establish what issues you would like addressed and what session length suits your needs.

Team Building Workshop

Results from previous workshops

Here are some results of some recent team development training we ran with Main Roads in 2020 for their leadership team.

Felt competent communicating effectively with the Leadership team


0 %


0 %

Felt confident building trust and relationships within the Leadership team


0 %


0 %

Had a good understanding of your own behavioural style and how it impacts how you communicate with others


0 %


0 %

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