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Safety is always happening. Safety is not the absence of accidents, it’s the presence of defenses and safeguards. We don’t manage accidents, we manage safeguards.

Safety is what was present in the context of the behaviour AND the outcome. Safety will come from the mindset and philosophy of the people, team and organisation.

Safety Culture

Your culture shapes your safety performance and your safety record. It is important for you to understand “how we do things around here” and how human behavior shapes your safety performance.

Performance shaping factors such as complacency, attention and concentration, decision making factors, stress, risk tolerance, fatigue and mental state will drive your safety culture and will influence the likelihood of errors occurring.

Our approach is to work with you to define your current and desired culture, and we can help you focus on the performance shaping factors relevant in your context. This is achieved through:

  • Organisational assessment and review.
  • Workshops, experiences and e-learning.

Psychosocial Risk

We need to identify, manage and evaluate all of the risks and hazards that impact psychological health. Focusing on how we design roles, and manage and lead those roles is one priority area.

For maximum impact we need to focus on both the organisational systems and people behaviours. We need to ensure the right systems and processes are in place for reporting, recording and managing psychosocial risks, and we need to tackle behaviour and culture that supports poor workplace conditions.

We will work with you to:

  • Understand the psychosocial risks unique to your context and how to manage them.
  • Address culture and behaviour through workshops, experiences, e-learning and coaching.

Mental Health, Resilience and Wellbeing

Today more than ever it is important for organisations to understand their impact on mental health and wellbeing. Research shows building team and individual resilience has a significant positive impact on performance, productivity and behaviour.

Our approach to mental health, resilience and wellbeing training is informed by our own experience working in high performance environments, FIFO and serving in the military. We can help build the mental health literacy and leadership skills of your leaders to better manage employees with mental health concerns as well as develop practical skills for them and their families.

Our sessions can focus on:

  • Leader and team awareness and skills.
  • Individual strategies and skills.
  • Adjustment to working FIFO/away for workers and families.

Performance Shaping Factors

Performance shaping factors influence the likelihood of errors occurring. There are factors across the organisation, the work environment, the task demands and the individual. At the individual level this can include:

  • complacency, attention and concentration, decision making factors, stress, risk tolerance, fatigue and mental state.

Our approach is to help you identify what factors are relevant to your context and help you understand and better control them.

  • Organisational assessment, development and change
  • Leader and leadership development
  • One-on-one coaching

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