Our Approach

  • We Are
    Evidence Based

    What we do is underpinned by best practice and the latest research. We will translate research into practical advice and solutions. We will also collaborate with you to assess the impact of the work we do – to evaluate where we have made a difference and how.

  • We Are
    Client Focused

    We are not here to try to sell you something. We will work with you to identify what your issues and concerns are and will discuss how we might help you with these. We are solution focused not product focused.

  • We Are
    Adaptable and Responsive

    We have the capacity to support you where you need it most – whether this is systems and processes, working with teams and groups of leaders, or whether its working one-on-one, we are driven by your needs as they emerge and evolve.

What drives us

When we work with clients and other consultants we are driven and inspired by
  • Meaning & Purpose
  • Relationships
  • Collaboration
  • Expertise
  • Best practice
  • Outcomes driven
  • Personalised
  • Energy

Who we are

Our Team come from a range of backgrounds and expertise including:
  • Psychologists - specialists in organisational psychology and mental health
  • Organisational Change Expertise
  • Health and Safety Expertise
  • Innovation and Leadership
  • Academic Researchers
  • Military and Special Forces.

The Performance Team

Melanie Freeman

Background: Melanie is a registered psychologist and organisational development consultant.She has over 25 years’ experience working in Australia and internationally across a range of industries including oil and gas, mining, IT, finance, government, defence, utilities and not-for-profit.

High Performance: Melanie’s career has focused on organisational performance and she has worked extensively at the organisational, team and individual levels. She has extensive experience with competence frameworks and integrated talent management processes. She has over 20 years working as a military psychologist (reserve) with over 10 years in Special Operations with a focus on human performance and leadership.

Specialist Areas:

  • Organisational Culture and Metrics.
  • Leadership Development and Coaching.
  • Performance and Development.
  • Safety Culture, Coaching and Wellbeing.
  • Psychosocial Risks and Workplace Trauma.
  • Board and Committee Evaluation.
Henry Gunson

Background: Having recently completed his Honours in Psychology, Henry currently works as an Organisational Consultant for Performance Science. So far, he has worked across social support work, mining, and public services. Henry plans to complete a Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

High Performance: Henry's fascination towards organisational performance begun during his initial stages of study. As he progresses, he aims to dig deeper into the domains of psychometric assessment, human factors, selection methods and recruitment, and psycho social risk.

Specialist Areas:

  • Psychometric assessment
  • Research conduct and writing
  • Design of e-learning materials
  • Recruitment and selection
Justin Williams

Background: Justin served in the military for twenty-eight years, with twenty years in UK/Australian Special Forces. He is passionate about developing high performing individuals and teams, which he achieves by combining lessons learnt from his vast operational and leadership experience with a diverse academic background.

High Performance: Justin has over fifteen years’ experience focussed on capability development of high performance, multi-discipline teams in high risk and/or austere environments. He has translated this expertise into critical support for organisations and leaders who operate globally. He builds team leaders and teams through emersion experiences and focused coaching.

Specialist Areas:

  • Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Special Forces Liaison Officer Development
  • Special Forces Recruitment, Selection and Training
  • Individual and Team High Performance
  • Safety, Security and Risk Management
Tim Conversi

Background: Tim is a senior organisational development consultant and has extensive experience working both internally and externally across all sectors, with both public and private organisations; locally, nationally and internationally. He has delivered on all aspects of the human capital strategy and has led the HR & Organisational Development function regionally for a global mining company.

High Performance: Tim’s career has focused on transforming organisations and teams. He has significant expertise in embedding integrated organisational development models that drive organisational performance and wellbeing. Tim focuses on how to shape and drive performance through the development and empowerment of leaders at all levels.

Specialist Areas:

  • Strategic Human Resources
  • Organisational Development and Change Management
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership & Safety Leadership Development & Coaching
  • Talent Management & Succession Planning
  • Team Development

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